100 x 16g non-threaded CO2 Cartridges mosa

  • £77.47

100 x 16g CO2 Cartridge non threaded per order.

Mosa non threaded CO2 Cartridges are filled with 100% pure CO2. CO2 Cartridges are made of 100% recyclable steel, they are lacquered or anodized, not refillable and contain 16 g pure CO2 under pressure.

Comes in unbranded plain white box.

    Non Threaded CO2 Cartridge
  • Cartridge contains 16g of Carbon Dioxide (E290) under high pressure
  • Non-aerosol. Non refillable. Recyclable steel
  • Never dispose of full cartridges
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Explosion danger - 50C max temperature

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